Due to COVID-19 we will be pushing the start date of our 3rd cycle to January 2020. Please Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Instagram and twitter as that is how we will be sharing the majority of our information. We will be in direct contact with Fellows and Finalists for the 3rd cycle of the CDDP prior to Jan 2020.

2020 Program Semi-Finalists 

The 2020 Program Semi-Finalists have been selected from our pool of 440 applicants. As previously mentioned, will be announcing the Finalists before the end of the year and we plan to initiate the Program in January, 2021.

The Semi-Finalists include: 
Francis Agyapong
Kevin Berlandi
Tamer Shaaban
Devante Blackwell 
Ashley Eakin
Anne Hollowday
Mariette Montpierre
Siyou Tan
Rachel Rinehardt
Manjari Makajany
Iqbal Ahmad
Alexander Gilbert
Leo Aguirre
Megan Brotherton
Larin Sullivan
Rudy Gold
Guillaum Knight
Araeia Robinson
Michael Hoy
Sherwin Shilati
Xavier Burgin
Justin Casselle
Ashley Czerniewski
Tracy Twinkie Byrd
Maria Burton
SJ Main-Munoz
Maja Fernqvist
Grace Kim
Rachel Knoll
Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour
Roberta Munroe
Sarah Sellman
Sylvia Saether
Sarah Thacker
Mragendra Singh 

In the interim...

We are developing, a new Honorable Mentorship Program and an Online Workshop Series. Check our social media for updates on these new opportunities. 

Come join us - Mentor our Directing Fellows - Donate your time, energy, and resources to our Workshops and Programs! Let’s make CDDP soar!!!

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